Welcome to Oneness Today Learning Center

"Transforming Lives ONE Story at a Time"

About Us

Every tax-deductible subscription makes it possible for us to empower our community to thrive in love and purity.  

Transforming lives one story at a time—we empower individuals to experience the fulfillment of their potential to thrive in love and purity using God’s Genesis 2:24 plan for gender, marriage, and sexuality.

We bring together Christians, those having the gift of Artistic Communication, and patrons of the arts to inspire gender confidence, marital symmetry, and sexual elegance from a contemporary, urban art perspective!

Discovering the message anew, developing our artistic envelope, and delivering the message with joy and gladness in the power of the Spirit, we empower our community to thrive in love and purity.

Why You Should Join Us

All of our courses, events, and activities focus on the bigger than life dynamics of God's casting men and women as actors in the Theater of God's Grace production. You will meet the cast, learn of the backstory, and analyze the script. Your voice will be heard! Your questions answered!  Your contribution welcomed!

Join and unleash your inner artist.  We view the gift of artistic communication as the divine ability to share God’s truth through the following creative art forms: 

  • Fine Arts (Visual arts) 
  • Literary Arts (Creative Writing) 
  • Performing Arts 

To make a difference, we must proclaim Truth. Join Oneness Today, Inc. today!

Learn, Make, and Proclaim HIS STORY!

Our Tiers

Tier 1: Engaging Omnipotence (His Power): learning and practicing intimate communication with the Lord God Omnipotent. 

Tier 2: Securing Omniscience (His Wisdom): learning and practicing the intimate wisdom of the Lord God Omniscient. (Includes Tier 1 offerings)

Tier 3: Proclaiming Majesty (His Awesomeness): learning and practicing the intimate proclamation of God’s Glory, Oneness. (Includes Tier 1 and Tier 2 offerings) 

Our Big Thanks

Thank you for making a difference!  Every conversation flows over into a refreshing stream that gorges forth into the river of life. Your contribution makes a difference in the village.  We are so glad you are here!